Re: [xep-support] Understanding area rectangles

From: W. Eliot Kimber (
Date: Sat Nov 02 2002 - 04:45:38 PST

David Tolpin wrote:

> calculate indents as sums of border+padding.

I now understand better what David is saying here: if *-indent is
explicitly specified, it overrides any inherited or calculated margin
value. Also, the positions of the border and padding rectangles are
relative to the position of the content rectangle of the block they are
on, not the content rectangle of the reference area that contains the
block they are on.

Thus, if you specific start-indent of 24pt, border-start-width of 4pt,
and padding-start of 8pt, the start edge of the border will be 12 pts
end-ward from the content rectangle of the containg reference area
(24-4-8), rather than the effective padding width being 20pts.

I haven't decided yet whether its better practice to specify
margin-left="0pt" or explicit start-indent="12pt", although I thinking
that specifying a zero margin is the more flexible approach in general
(because it allows border and padding to govern and determine indent).



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