Re: [xep-support] Understanding area rectangles

From: W. Eliot Kimber (
Date: Sat Nov 02 2002 - 03:57:24 PST

David Tolpin wrote:

> Yes, the behavior you are observing with RenderX XEP (and, I hope,
> with XSL Formatter which I didn't try recently since it runs under Windows
> only but I know that our implementations are consistent in this respect)
> is correct.

XEP and XSL Formatter produce identical results from my test document.

> It is correct because start/end-indent are 0 by default; margins are derived
> values and are set so that margin+border+padding=indent holds true.

I see that this statement in the spec:

"If the corresponding absolute margin property is not explicitly
specified, or if the corresponding relative property is specified on the
formatting object and the absolute property only specified by the
expansion of a shorthand, the corresponding absolute margin property is
calculated according to the following formulae:

margin-corresponding = start-indent - inherited_value_of(start-indent)
- padding-corresponding - border-corresponding-width

Supports the behavior seen, but it still seems to be inconsistent with
the picture in 4.4.1, or least, it's not clear to me why 4.4.1 does not
mention margins (in fact, margins seem to come out of nowhere in the
discussion, which is probably part of my confusion on this topic).

> To get stacking block as in your diagram, you either have to specify
> margin="0pt" explicitly, which is not a good idea since there are no
> 'logical' margin properties (NO margin-before/after/start/end); or
> calculate indents as sums of border+padding.
> This may seem non-intuitive at a first glance, but in fact this is
> a very consistent approach.

I'm not sure in what context this approach is "consistent", since you
get very different effects (and, to my mind, completely
counter-intuitive effects) when margin is unspecified from when it is.
And I can't see why you would ever, in normal practice, want to specify
margins for anything other than the page regions, given the space-* and
*-indent properties.

Given that the combination of space-*, border, padding, and *-indent
]should] give me complete control over where the various area rectangles
are placed, I'm having a hard time seeing what value margin would have
to me as a layout designer, especially when the implications of its not
being set to "0" are 1) counter intuitive and 2) almost certainly not
what I expected, expecially given section 4.4.1.

But this is an issue for the FO editors, not this forum, as the
implementation obvserved does seem to be in accordance with the spec.



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