Re: [xep-support] Understanding area rectangles

From: David Tolpin (
Date: Sat Nov 02 2002 - 07:36:24 PST

A note.

In general, the idea that blocks in borders should have positive indents
is software-inspired and not based on general design principles.

There also exist a standpoint from which borders should be drawn
as if they are added to pre-existed text; thus indents are dictated
by the document's structure; borders are built on top of the structure
and thus are drawn with 'negative margins'.

Which practice to follow is entirely an issue of esthetic preferences.
XSL FO allows to implement both approaches or to mix them freely. After
thinking quite a lot about margins, borders, paddings etc. I tend to
favour in many cases the 'default' XSL FO approach; it is more logical
from the reader's point of view. There is text and there are markings;
borders are kinds of markings; markings should not affect text flow.

If I want a paragraph of text to be indented I explicitely mark it
as such. If I later want it to be 'framed', then I draw the frame
around the text.

David Tolpin

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