[xep-support] Re: How often does XEP.BAT use my graphic-URL?

From: Kirch Fritz <Friedrich.Kirch_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Mon Aug 03 2020 - 00:19:15 PDT

Hello Vladyslav,

thank you for your quick answer, but let us concentrate on the small example fo-file!
It has only 1 external-graphic.

I can understand, that throughout the formatting process, XEP has to retrieve various information about the external resource.
But referring to my small example, why does this retrieval process read the one and only graphic file 3 times?

Are there any reasons why the rendering process doesnt use the TMPDIR for caching purposes?

Please apologize my perseverance in getting an answer, but my media server is called 100.000 times a day for providing graphic files.
If there is a small chance to reduce the number of calls, I will be happy.

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Betreff: [xep-support] Re: How often does XEP.BAT use my graphic-URL?

Hello Fritz,

Throughout the formatting process, XEP retrieves various information about the external resources, like dimensions.

Caching the entire content is problematic because in large documents, the total size of external resources would make the Java environment on a formatting machine quickly run out of memory.

There is a standard solution for that -- XML Catalogs. You make a local copy of frequently-used resources and configure a Catalog Resolver do the job. Simple ones simply return local files (file:) instead of those located on remote (http:) computers, but nothing prevents from implementing your own sophisticated one that has some timed-cache strategy and periodically refreshed entities.

A typical usage is when you're developing DocBook documents, and each rendering process takes an http hit to docbook.sourceforge.net. Of course, this makes rendering slow, and you may want to improve it. Here's more details:




Alternatively, a caching proxy could be a solution, but it may be an overhead and depend on your needs.

Best regards,

Vladyslav Y. Sivyakov, RenderX.
On 31.07.2020 09:44, Kirch Fritz wrote:
Hi RenderX-Support Team, hi Kevin

in my FO-file (see below and in appendix) you can find excatly one call of <fo:external-graphic> with a url to my graphic file.
When I use XEP.BAT to render FO into XEPOUT intermediate format, my server protocoll told me, that there are 3 calls fetching the pdf-graphic from my server.

I am wondering, why there are 3 calls?

With the processing instruction xep-out-embed-images:
    FO -> XEP calls my media server 3 times and XEP -> PDF calls my media server 0 times

Without the processing instruction xep-out-embed-images:
    FO -> XEP calls my media server 2 times and XEP -> PDF calls my media server 4 times

How can I minimize the number of calls to my media server?

Fritz Kirch
IT2media GmbH & Co KG
Nuremberg, Germany

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