[xep-support] Re: Make a column header span columns 2 and 3

From: Darren Munt <darrenm_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Tue Dec 04 2018 - 14:11:10 PST

Thanks, I thought that might be the case.

Content from column 1 never flows into the next column, so I'll just do it with a block container.

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You can't format that, not directly because you have not specified whether you believe the content from column one flows into the column/two+three structure.

Span="all" must be on an object that is a child of flow and only supports "all" (or none, meaning no span).

If the left column in your example does not, then you can take that "out-of-flow" using an absolute block-container or placing it in a region and setting up the page as a two-column flow.

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Subject: [xep-support] Make a column header span columns 2 and 3

I need to format a page that has three columns, in which column 1 is an introductory paragraph or two, and columns 2 & 3 are body content, with a header that spans both.

I'm specifying a three column layout in the page body using column-count="3".

Then I put content into the page like this:

          <fo:block>Par 1</fo:block>
          <fo:block break-after="column">Par 2</fo:block>

          <fo:block span="all">Text that we want to span columns 2 and 3</fo:block>
          <fo:block>Par 3</fo:block>

That doesn't work, the span attribute has no effect. If I take the wrapping block away, then the span is honoured but it throws a line break between the second par and the heading, so the heading appears under par 2 and spans columns 1 and 2.

Not sure how I should specify fo commands here to get it to work, or if it is even possible.

I want it to look something like this:

Xxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Maybe I need to use a positioned fo:block-container for the first column and just use a two column layout with a wide left margin?

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