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Date: Tue Jul 17 2018 - 11:46:43 PDT

Another debug test would be to run the document to FO (do not delete the final FO that is being sent).

Examine that.

1) Are the characters there or not? If they are not … it is something in the DITA/XSL chain and has nothing to do with the PDF generation.

2) If they are … then post the two snippets of the FO so we can examine what fonts are used and what character selection strategy


Kevin Brown



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It is completely unclear how this relates to RenderX but one guess would be that you are using different fonts in each of the two representations.

One font contains those glyphs, the other does not.

Check what fonts are used in each of two cases.


Kevin Brown



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One of my writers has run into an issue where a string of numbers in a fig is being rendered out of his topic. I've seen this once before with a very similar string.This is his code:


<title class="- topic/title ">Injection Well W01I01: Process Control</title>


His output looks something like this:


Injection Well W


There is nothing special in the PDF customization code.


This is the rest of his email to me:


The basic gist is that I have a well that is labelled W010I01. And when I enter that label in body text, it renders fine in the PDF. However, when I enter it in a fig title tag, the W will render, but the rest of the text is left blank. EG:


I have tried a few variations in the title text to see what happens. Adding a space between W and 0 works fine:


As does replacing the first 0 with a capital O:


But W01xxx is a no-go. So, far as I can gather, EasyDITA or Oxygen are interpreting that W01xxx as something other than plain text, and removing it from the document altogether.


Thanks in advance,





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