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To me, best practice is knowing what is a large table and what is not. Then rotate all large ones and not others using something like PMSI from Ken Holman or throwing a new page sequence for the rotated table in it’s own page sequence.


There could possibly be other tricks but without a complete knowledge of all the said cases and the XSL FO you are using, it is not possible to guess at solutions.


Some people actually format tables in a separate sequence to XEPOUT format and then make decisions based on the width … but this does not good if you change the game (meaning you change something like the width of the table/table columns to solve the issue). And this especially will not work if your tables are 100% wide because 100% of what?


Reduce the problem to scenarios:


1) Leave the table alone

2) Maybe rotate, maybe shrink

3) Rotate


Then maybe create a new XSL that uses all your page dimensions in two repeating sequences. One would be portrait and one would be landscape.

Format that document (to XEPOUT or even PDF) with all tables repeated in each sequence.

In other words, the result would be table 1 portrait, table 1 landscape, table 2 portrait, table 2 landscape …. Key is that you cannot have 100% for width of table unless you have only two options …. A table is either 100% of the width or 100% of the height (rotated).

If you do so to XEPOUT, you can do some measuring/calculations programmatically to determine what should be Option #1 (Leave it), Option #2 (Shrink it), Option #3 Rotate it


Now, you can either remark the original OR you could actually just copy the XEPOUT from the document you created or even the PDFs and use them as images in the final run of your document.


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Dear RenderX Support,


We encounter the following situation:

* We render input XML documents to PDF, the page format is A4 portrait and the available width is reduced by several margins that must be provided.

* The input XML documents contain (CALS) tables, some of which have a large width so that such tables cannot be rendered in a readable way without an appropriate action like reducing the font size or even rotating the table.

* We cannot calculate the table width from the input documents reliably because proportional column width is being used so that we do not know which table requires an appropriate action and we cannot apply the action to all tables.


What are the best practices to solve such a problem? Thank you very much in advance for your support!


Best regards,

Uwe Goersch


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