[xep-support] VisualXSL , XEPWin problems

From: Tou ,Shing-Ning <STou_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Wed Jan 06 2016 - 12:30:59 PST

Any Technical person,

If you are not the person to resolve these issues, please forward the email to the proper supporting people.


Several issues.

1. start the Cliser, create new project using VisaulXSL .

    Get the following error

                Unable to connect to Cliser service.

                Error has happened in code:

                at XEP.Configuration.CreateFormatter(ILogger logger)

                at RenderX.VisualXSL.Formatter..ctor(Logger logger)

                at RenderX.VisualXSL.Project..ctor(Options optionsPrj, Logger logger, Boolean isSection)

                at RenderX.VisualXSL.ProjectManager.InitProject(Boolean isSection)

                at RenderX.VisualXSL.ProjectManager.NewProject(Boolean isSection)

                at RenderX.VisualXSL.Forms.FormMain.NewProjectInternal()====================

                Inner exception:

                Unable to connect to the remote server

                at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()

                at XEP.Configuration.CreateFormatter(ILogger logger)

2. get error " A later version of XEPWin exist cannot update"

                When reinstall VisualXSL update XEPWin

3. Tyr to uninstall the XEPWin get "1316 error: the specific Account is exited "


Shing-Ning Tou
FISA - Web Development
(212) 857-1265

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