[xep-support] Re: Unable to prevent background repeat across page/column

From: Kevin Brown <kevin_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Thu Oct 08 2015 - 15:45:06 PDT

Thinking of this again and I have not tested all things, but what about
doing something like this (essentially putting down the block-container with
nothing in it except the background image and then setting the padding at
the top of the following text content to recapture that height).


<fo:block-container height="1in" background-image="url(20.jpg)"
                background-repeat="no-repeat" >
            <fo:block padding-top="-1in - 12pt"><fo:leader/></fo:block>
            <fo:block space-after="6pt" font-weight="bold"
            <fo:block space-after="6pt" >Accusam invidunt consetetur est
ipsum lorem tempor dolore lorem aliquyam et. Sed aliquam dolores sea et quis
consequat lorem dolor ipsum tempor sea justo diam consetetur sea. Nonumy
aliquam et ut invidunt dolores diam justo amet elitr nonumy no nam
consetetur aliquyam amet. In duo vero ad feugiat sit duis rebum. In in ex
velit tempor voluptua magna ad dolores consequat. Et sed aliquyam nonumy
nonumy eirmod duo clita invidunt ea et eirmod sea elitr. Diam molestie sit
elitr sea no et liber et ut. Vero velit augue labore sadipscing sea aliquam
et sanctus dolor duis labore et id. Dolor facilisis ut laoreet lorem autem
consetetur consetetur lorem eum at ullamcorper eos eirmod clita est augue
lorem et. Facilisis lorem dolor labore sadipscing duo eirmod stet facilisi
ipsum eleifend ea. Labore diam et accusam eirmod magna nonumy


Kevin Brown



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I believe there is no solution with pure XSL FO. The behavior you describe
is according to the standard.

Your attempt is probably as close as you can get as you have not specified
what the behavior you would expect if it is such that the image would not
fit at the end of the page and yet your rules would allow for the paragraph
to start. If you cannot solve or express that, you cannot even have a
solution as there will always be a case where it does not work.


If you use the XEP Intermediate format and inject the images in the pages
after composition, you can solve "part" of the problem. With this solution,
you could place a rx:pinpoint marker at the place wherever you wished an
image and then output that image in the XEP Intermediate Format only once
for each rx:pinpoint. But you would also need to fully describe what is
intended visual representation at the end of a page/column where the text
fits and the image does not.


Kevin Brown



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Remko de Hoop
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Subject: [xep-support] Unable to prevent background repeat across




We are having a problem with unwanted repeating of a background image when a
block spans a column or a page. Is there any way to disable this?


The offending block:


                <fo:block background-image="url(20.jpg)"


The version of xep used: XEP 4.21 build 20121114


For an example of the resulting repeat, see page two of the pdf.


If this block continues in the next column on the page, or just onto the
next page, the background image is repeated. I provided an extremely
simplified stylesheet, datasource and resulting pdf with this e-mail.


I hope anyone can help, we already tried to let the block only wrap the
title and first paragraph instead of all the paragraphs. This reduces the
number of times the problem occurs but does not eliminate it. The generated
pdf will normally contain a multitude of articles so there will always be a
paragraph somewhere that will continue into the next column or page. Thus
for simplification, my example wraps all paragraphs.


If anybody has a solution that prevents the repeating, I would be very happy
to learn how that can be done.


Kind regards,


Remko de Hoop


Horlings & Eerbeek Automatisering B.V.

Industrieweg 24

3401 MA IJsselstein

Tel. 030-2468777

Fax. 030-2467610


www.horlingseneerbeek.nl <http://www.horlingseneerbeek.nl/>

RdHoop@HorlingsEnEerbeek.nl <mailto:RdHoop@HorlingsEnEerbeek.nl>


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