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From: David Yin <David.Yin@PACCAR.com>
Date: Tue Mar 31 2015 - 05:08:35 PST

I have been posting on the DITA yahoo users group but the suggestion was for me to ask this board instead since I am looking at a specific functionality of renderX.

There is a Kevin Brown on the forum that has been responding to those posts.

I am an intermediate user in DITA, working on a pilot project over the last 3 years.

I am trying to use the <rx:flow-section> element to allow a graphic, buried down inside a topic, nested into a topic, nested into a bookmap, to use up all 3 columns in a 3 column page.

I have been able to get the element to work where the minitoc is 1 column and the chapter itself is 3 columns. I have not been able to get the rx:flow-section down to the block level for the placeImage template.

I feel like commons.xsl has to be re-written to flatten everything into its own fo:flow and then only the graphic gets placed as a fo:block.

Need help.

David Yin
Peterbilt Motors - Customer Service | Service Publications Manager | 940.591.4196 | david.yin@paccar.com

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