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From: Hans-Peter Carpenter <Hans-Peter.Carpenter@redwood.com>
Date: Tue Jan 27 2015 - 10:07:23 PST

Hi Bill,

You need to increase the Xmx JVM parameter which defines the amount of memory your Java process can use.

See the following document for how to do just that:




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Larry Wal

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I am transforming using PDF – RenderX and get this error “Maximum Java memory.” The DITA topics are in a bookmap, which transforms just fine to Web Help. I am using Oxygen 16.1. The error occurs when it starts converting some PNG symbols
 in a note element, which are conrefed in different topics.

     [echo] Maximum Java memory: -Xmx384m

     [java] EXCEPTION: Failed to create image file:/C:/DocLibrary/MXEngineOperationServiceBook/temp/pdf/oxygen_dita_temp/Configuration/OpenTopic/cfg/common/artwork/warning.png of type null

     [java] EXCEPTION: Failed to create image file:/C:/DocLibrary/MXEngineOperationServiceBook/temp/pdf/oxygen_dita_temp/Configuration/OpenTopic/cfg/common/artwork/caution.png of type null



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