[xep-support] Maximum Java memory

From: Bill Bushnell <Bill.Bushnell@PACCAR.com>
Date: Tue Jan 27 2015 - 09:01:18 PST

I am transforming using PDF - RenderX and get this error "Maximum Java memory." The DITA topics are in a bookmap, which transforms just fine to Web Help. I am using Oxygen 16.1. The error occurs when it starts converting some PNG symbols in a note element, which are conrefed in different topics.
     [echo] Maximum Java memory: -Xmx384m
     [java] EXCEPTION: Failed to create image file:/C:/DocLibrary/MXEngineOperationServiceBook/temp/pdf/oxygen_dita_temp/Configuration/OpenTopic/cfg/common/artwork/warning.png of type null
     [java] EXCEPTION: Failed to create image file:/C:/DocLibrary/MXEngineOperationServiceBook/temp/pdf/oxygen_dita_temp/Configuration/OpenTopic/cfg/common/artwork/caution.png of type null


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