[xep-support] Re: Creating embedded index in PDF for faster searching?

From: Mark Giffin <mgiffin@earthlink.net>
Date: Wed May 07 2014 - 19:02:12 PDT

Sounds interesting! Do you have any idea what the official Adobe name
for this feature is?


On 5/7/14 9:57 AM, David Clunie wrote:
> Hi Mark
> The feature I am describing is quite distinct from the separate
> "Catalog" feature that I think you are referring to, which produces
> separate index files, and is not what I want at all.
> Rather, I am referring to an embedded index within each PDF file.
> This greatly accelerates using the Find function when an individual
> PDF file is opened, as well as greatly accelerating the Search All
> PDF Documents in (folder) function when a bunch of files need to
> be searched, which allows the user to quickly find stuff without
> having to mess with configuration of separate catalogs.
> David
> On 4/30/14 8:56 PM, Mark Giffin wrote:
>> I don't think Word can do this. Adobe Acrobat Professional can do this
>> and I agree, the index it produces is vastly faster, and it will also
>> index a whole bunch of separate PDF files in one index. It's an old
>> feature (used to be called "Catalog") that Adobe doesn't seem to talk
>> about anymore. If you want to automate it you might look at Adobe
>> ExtendScript for Acrobat. ExtendScript is Adobe's JavaScript-based
>> scripting language for products like Photoshop, FrameMaker etc. but I
>> don't know if Acrobat supports it. But if it does you could probably
>> write a small script to kick off this Catalog indexing, and if you're
>> really lucky there may be a way to kick it off from the command line, so
>> you could incorporate it into your PDF build process.
>> Mark Giffin
>> http://markgiffin.com/
>> On 4/30/14 5:13 PM, David Clunie wrote:
>>> That's a bit disappointing. If Word can do it, it would be nice
>>> if RenderX could too (as a post-processing step if necessary),
>>> since doing it manually in Acrobat afterwards is painful, and
>>> I couldn't find a command line tool to do it.
>>> David
>>> On 4/20/14 5:45 PM, Kevin Brown wrote:
>>>> This is not supported by RenderX and there are no plans to add it.
>>>> This is
>>>> an operation best performed after the entire document is created
>>>> and not
>>>> "as" it is being created.
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>>>> Hi
>>>> I am creating quite large PDF files that users frequently search
>>>> within, and
>>>> the searches are relatively slow.
>>>> I am using the ENABLE_ACCESSIBILITY in xep.xml to created tagged PDF.
>>>> If I load these into Acrobat and then use Advanced > Document
>>>> Processing >
>>>> Manage Embedded Index > Create Index, then the result is a MUCH faster
>>>> search.
>>>> However, I would rather generate these in the pipeline with XEP (or an
>>>> additional pass with some other command line tool if anyone knows of
>>>> one).
>>>> I couldn't find anything in the manual about this, or any obvious
>>>> option.
>>>> David


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