[xep-support] Re: line-height issue

From: Alexey Gagarinov <agagarinov@renderx.com>
Date: Mon Apr 22 2013 - 04:31:59 PDT


> when I changed the line-height attribute value from 'normal' to '1.3em' on fo:root element, this settings
> seem not to be inherited to fo:block - all these elements have no line spacing and it needs to be specified
> individually.

The line-height attribute works as expected for me.

Please set the value of @line-height attribute to '1.3'. Does it change the behavior?

> Is this behavior correct?

According to XSL-FO Spec., the 'normal' and '1.3em' values have different mechanisms of inheritance.

The 'normal' value is actually a number (1.2 in XEP) and this number is inherited. The computed value of
@line-height on an element is this number multiplied by the element's font size.

The '1.3em' is a relative length and so the absolute value of 12pt*1.3=15.6pt (where 12pt is the default
font size on fo:root element) is inherited. In other words, the inherited value of @line-height on inner
elements is always the absolute length (15.6pt) and does NOT depend on the element's font-size properties.

Hope this helps.

With regards,
   Alexey Gagarinov

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