[xep-support] Re: Image compression

From: John Maddock <boost.regex@virgin.net>
Date: Thu Sep 06 2012 - 11:25:31 PDT

> My team generates PDF output using XEP 4.10 and the DITA Open Toolkit.
> Co-workers complain that 72 DPI images inserted into documents are blurry.
> A co-worker recently started inserting 300 DPI images into her source
> files. In the PDF output, the images appear to be compressed. The images
> are tiny.

Did she set the DPI in the image's metadata to 300dpi without actually
adding any more pixels? If so of course they're tiny! The size they appear
in the PDF is set by the DPI in the image's meta data, combined with how
many actual pixels there are. Apologies if I'm sating the obvious ;-)

HTH, John Maddock.


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