[xep-support] Re: Table columns reading order in tagged PDF

From: Alexey Gagarinov <agagarinov@renderx.com>
Date: Wed Aug 08 2012 - 22:34:50 PDT

Hi Benoit,

> Be it with or without the ENABLE_ACCESSIBILITY option, XEP appears to output text in tables by "reading"
> columns from right to left. ... I can see from the xpath attribute in XEP format that column number 2 is
> output before number 1: the xpath attributes contain for instance: ...
> /*[2][name()=&apos;table-cell&apos;] ... ... /*[1][name()=&apos;table-cell&apos;] ...

The reverse order of cells you see in XEP Intermediate Format (.xep) is a consequence of the tables
formatting algorithms in XEP.

This will hardly be changed.

> Is this normal behaviour?

It's a bug in XEP.

The PDF back-end should build a structure tree in the correct order by inverting table cells once more.

I'll do my best to fix the bug.

   Alexey Gagarinov

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