[xep-support] Re: "wrong state RND, should be RDY" - any ideas?

From: Khachik Kocharyan <khachik@renderx.com>
Date: Wed Aug 08 2012 - 09:38:54 PDT

The stacktrace means you are calling Client.shutdown while rendering is in process or it is stopped by IOException.This may be caused if your code calls the `Client.shutdown()` method in a finally block.

On Օգս 8, 2012, at 22:19, Steve Anderson wrote:
> I'm getting the following error when generating a PDF via cliser - > any ideas?>> ========================================================>> XEP: event page-number 3943> java.net.SocketException: Socket closed> at com.renderx.xepx.cliser.Protocol.recvMsg(Protocol.java:64)> at com.renderx.xepx.cliser.Client.render(Client.java:120)> at com.renderx.xepx.cliser.Client.main(Client.java:274)> Exception in thread "main" com.renderx.xepx.cliser.ProtocolException:> wrong state RND, should be RDY> at com.renderx.xepx.cliser.Client.chkst(Client.java:48)> at com.renderx.xepx.cliser.Client.shutdown(Client.java:164)> at com.renderx.xepx.cliser.Client.main(Client.java:240)>> ========================================================>> I have a couple of suspicions (out of memory, a bad graphic) but I> thought I'd ask if this is a common error message before I spend too> much time trying to debug it myself.>> Thanks,>> Steve> -- > steve.anderson at gmail.com> What you say does matter, and so does how you say it.
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