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Ron is exactly correct. In fact, one of the reasons we didn't do a
development inside the RenderX engine for MathML was because of SVGMath
mentioned in Ron's writeup. We could have gone down that path, spent
significant development efforts and also would have likely needed to charge
for it. Instead, all those we pointed to this code found it totally
acceptable and it was free.


Here's a direct link to the site:




You could take note to two things. First, the examples on these pages are
from RenderX output. Second, the developer of the application is Nikolai
Grigoriev. Those who have been with us some time might recognize the name as
one of our lead engineers several years ago. He built this preprocessor as a
toolchain plug-in for processing something like Docbook source.


We figured the (slight) pain to plugging in something in a processing
toolchain between FO and RenderX (to PDF) far outweighs the pain that could
be caused in someone's wallet - especially considering many would opt for a
free option.


Kevin Brown



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Hi Stefan

At present XEP does not do MML. (Antenna House will support it - but
I have the Mathflow for Oxygen from dessci.com and put MML code directly
into Docbook source. Thjis all works transparently and yields reasonable
(acceptable) output. I have aso used the mml2svg package that Jirka
menioned (http://sourceforge.net/projects/svgmath/ ) - again output is
acceptable, but it means breaking the XML+MML to PDF at the FO stage. Not
transparent, but can be automated.

I just got this from Kevin:

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Windows 7 is alright (this initial release is Windows-centric, .NET 3.5).
However, unless you have a toolchain upfront doing MathML to SVG injection
it would not support the MathML requirement you have. Docbook is no problem.
Kevin Brown



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