[xep-support] Sharepoint and XEP

From: Betty Harvey <harvey@eccnet.com>
Date: Mon Aug 29 2011 - 16:48:13 PDT

I am working on DITA project using Oxygen and DITA Open Toolkit.
Currently they are using FOP and FOP is causing all kinds of problems but
the major one is the special characters, specifically greater than or
equal to.

The customer has been sold on the DITA Open Toolkit and FOP. I want to
recommend that we move from FOP to RenderX.

They don't want to configure a server for creating PDF's. I have
suggested that and it a non-starter. Is it possible to put a copy of XEP
in Sharepoint and point the DITA Open Toolkit to the location of XEP and
have it work from individuals workstations, similar to embedded FOP in the

If this is possible I think I can convince the customer to go this way.

Sorry for sending this to you directly -- I didn't want to post this to a
public forum.



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