[xep-support] Re: What's the correct syntax for referencing another config file from xep.xml?

From: Mark Burton <burtoogle@gmail.com>
Date: Wed Mar 30 2011 - 23:39:35 PST

Hi Karl,

> Hi Mark,
> You need an href attribute on your fonts tag in a separate xep.xml,
> something like this:
> <fonts href="xep.fonts.xml" default-family="unspecified"/>
> Now, for the project which requires custom fonts you will need a separate
> xep.xml which you will then programmatically reference. This xep.xml will
> contain the above fonts reference and then, more than likely, reference the
> original config section items (options and languages).

Many thanks for the reply.

I was trying something similar (actually using font-group rather than
fonts) but I kept getting this (completely useless) error message:

     [exec] Formatter initialization failed: com.renderx.xep.lib.ConfigurationException: Structure error in configuration file: java.io.EOFException: no more input

Really, that's a hopeless diagnostic message because it doesn't tell
you anything useful about what's gone wrong.

Anyway, It turns out that what it was griping about was that it
couldn't find my config file (why didn't it say that?) as it has
to have an absolute path (which doesn't seem to get mentioned in the
XEP user guide) - so I changed to using the following and it now works

    <font-group label="Local Fonts" href="/opt/XEP/localfonts.xml"/>




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