[xep-support] Re: PDF link to a table row scrolls the screen to the bottom of the row and not the top

From: Mark Burton <burtoogle@gmail.com>
Date: Thu Jan 20 2011 - 07:49:33 PST


On Fri, 14 Jan 2011 23:28:50 +0000
Mark Burton <burtoogle@gmail.com> wrote:

> Using the docbook xsl stylesheets 1.76.1 and XEP 4.18 I have noticed
> that when following a link in a PDF document to a row of a table, the
> PDF viewer (both evince and acroread) show the line following the
> target row at the top of the screen so I then have to scroll backwards
> to see the row I want. It's as if the anchor is being positioned at
> the bottom of the table row and not at the top. Is that possible? If
> so, can it be told to put the anchor at the top of the row?

Please could someone from RenderX answer the above question re the
positioning of the anchor that is generated when a fo:table-row element
is given an id attribute and is used as the target of a link.




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