[xep-support] Re: Random "Result to large" exceptions

From: Michael Sulyaev <msulyaev@renderx.com>
Date: Fri Jan 14 2011 - 05:12:03 PST

On 01/13/2011 05:01 PM, Dave Thomas wrote:
> About 1 time in 100 I'll get the following exception when I run XEP:
> [error] java.io.IOException: Result too large
> error: formatting failed: com.renderx.pdflib.PDFIOException: Can
> not close compressed stream
> It happens on a number of different documents and stylesheets.
> If I simply repeat the command, without doing anything to any of my
> fo, it works fine.
> Do I have an environment issue?

Hello Dave,

This is the first time I see this exception thrown, so yes, this might
be an environment issue. There is not much of our code for compressed
streams, basically we just use java.util.zip.DeflaterOutputStream.

Let's try to fight it nevertheless. How much time does it take to get
the error fired more or less reliably? Minutes? Hours?

We have debug versions of XEP classes in DevKit, this would help
spotting the reason.

Anyway, please send all the relevant information to our private list
support@renderx.com, we'll proceed there. I'll need to know the OS, Java
version, XEP version, xep.xml config file, a set of sources to run with
any images referenced, probably even font files, and the exact
description of how you invoke XEP (integrated? concurrently? same or
different JVMs?).

Michael Sulyaev

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