[xep-support] : characters not supported by a certain font

From: Christian Kirchhoff <christian.kirchhoff@editura.de>
Date: Mon Dec 20 2010 - 09:41:10 PST


is there any way to receive a warning if a text character doesn't have a
glyph representation in the actually chosen font?

- We have a character &#7771; (&#1E5B;, small latin r with a dot below)
in the fo code.
- The actual font is "Minion Pro" which doesn't contain a glyph for that
- The result is a blank space in the pdf where the character should
apperar (for some fonts the usual rectangular box is created instead of
a blank space)

In addition, errors seem to occur regarding the text justification,
meaning that lines containing one or more of those glyphless characters
will be spaced too much or too little, resulting in lines being longer
or shorter than the justified width.

Is there any way to receive a warning for such characters?

Best regards

Christian Kirchhoff
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