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From: Narapareddy, Raghava <raghava.narapareddy@hp.com>
Date: Fri Dec 17 2010 - 10:01:23 PST


Thanks for your reply.

1) I want to display content in absolutely positioned text field even if there is more content, i.e cut off the extra content beyond the text field.

2) No need to flow the content to additional page.

3) Cut off the extra content.
   Example: If content is 16 lines , and text field size is 12 lines then only display first 12 lines, no need display extra 4 lines.

4) No need to format with smaller size.

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You need to clearly explain what you wish to accomplish.

Obviously you do not want the content in an absolutely positioned and sized container to extend beyond the container.

Do you wish it to flow onto an additional page?

Do you wish it to be cut off?

Do you wish it to be formatted in a smaller size if the content exceeds a certain height?

In order to make any suggestions about what you should do, we need to know what you want.

Kevin Brown

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Subject: Text Over flow in text field


I need to display value with fixed size in the page, even xml element contains more characters (14,000) and includes new line characters.

I am using text field with size : Height:324.71pt and Width: 520.43pt

If xml contains more characters it over flows and display on the footer.

But if xml value new line characters , then I have problem in displaying the text.

How to restrict the text size mentioned ??

Please see the attached zip files.

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