[xep-support] Span columns in two-column format?

From: Anders Svensson <anders.svensson@expertinfo.se>
Date: Mon Dec 13 2010 - 12:04:49 PST

Does xep still not support span="all" on nested blocks (i.e. only on blocks
that are direct children of fo:flow)? I'm using DITA, and I don't see how I
will be able to use e.g. pagewide images and tables if I can't span nested
blocks. I find it hard to see how rx:flow-section would solve it either,
since apparently that has to be a direct child of fo:flow too. I would have
to chop up the DITA styling in an impossibly complicated way with separate

So is there no way to use e.g. pagewide images and tables in a 2-column
format with xep? If there isn't that would be a real show stopper for the
2-column format for me, because almost all manuals require pagewide images
in my experience. So I'm really just hoping someone will tell me there's
some feature I've missed that makes this possible. Is there?




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