Re: [xep-support] How to read fo:block coordinates from XEPOUT-file

From: Michael Sulyaev <>
Date: Thu Sep 16 2010 - 06:37:47 PDT

On 09/15/2010 08:02 PM, Kirch Fritz wrote:
> Dear support team,
> I want to be able to read the concrete coordinates
> (left,top,width,height) of a <fo:block> from XEPOUT intermediate format.
> In order to do this I put the <fo:block> into a <fo:block-container>.
> This results in a <xep:rectangle> from which I can read my coordinates.
> Is this the right way?

Hello Friedrich,

This may be the right way and may work fine in simple cases. However,
you should be careful about the following:

What if the block gets broken into parts for some reason, e.g. an
explicit page or column break, or if it does not fit a page?

XEPOUT format allows arbitrary transformations of the coordinate system:
translate(shift), rotate, scale, and the most complex one 6-param
transform. These transformations appear as atomic instructions in
XEPOUT. All subsequent drawing instructions, including text and
rectangle, have their coordinates calculated in that new coordinate
system, which is a result of the transformation. Calculation of absolute
coordinates may take some efforts if transformations happen.

Michael Sulyaev
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