[xep-support] Silent treatment

From: Andy Black <andy_black@sil.org>
Date: Mon May 03 2010 - 10:11:32 PDT
I'm curious if any other users of RenderX XEP using this list have had the same experience I have had. 

Before I purchased a full license for XEP, it seemed that every time I wrote about some issue with XEP, I received a nice response from someone at RenderX.  Now that I have purchased a full license, the RenderX team is completely silent whenever I report an issue.  For example, I sent the included message about a month ago and there has been absolutely no response.  This is at least the third such "no-response" issue I've experienced.

Is anyone else getting this "silent treatment" from RenderX or am I the only "lucky" one?  It sure appears to be the case that now that RenderX has my money, they do not want to talk to me anymore...  I'd love to learn that this is some very odd anomaly.  But it is disconcerting, to say the least...



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Subject: [xep-support] FOOTNOTE_REORDERING=true not always working
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2010 14:57:47 -0700
From: Andy Black <andy_black@sil.org>
Reply-To: xep-support@renderx.com
To: xep-support@renderx.com

I recently downloaded and installed XEP Desktop version 4.18 build 20100322 (full version; i.e. not personal and not academic).

In one job, I noticed that footnotes in a table were ordered incorrectly and then found the message about adding the FOOTNOTE_REORDERING=true core option.  I did so and the vast majority of the footnote reordering problems went away.  Sadly, however, not all of the reordering problems went away.

I'm attaching the .fo that causes the problem.  Notice that footnotes 19 and 20, 49 and 50, and 54 and 55 are in the incorrect order.  They are all instances of <fo:table-cell> within an <fo:table-header>.

Here is how my xep.xml file begins:

  <!-- ======================================================= -->
  <!-- Formatter options                                       -->
  <!-- ======================================================= -->
    <option name="LICENSE" value="license.xml"/>
    <option name="TMPDIR" value="none"/>
    <option name="BROKENIMAGE" value="images/404.gif"/>
    <option name="LOGO" value="images/logo-renderx.svg"/>
      <option name="FOOTNOTE_REORDERING" value="true"/>
      <option name="STAMP_PNG" value="images/stamp-renderx.png"/>

I am running on a Windows XP SP2 machine.

Thank you for any help you can give me in fixing these ordering problems.


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