RE: [xep-support] Socializing RenderX News Announcements

From: Karl Stubsjoen <>
Date: Tue Nov 10 2009 - 13:04:32 PST


Thanks for the great feedback. By "the list is not current" I mean we have
missed a couple of product announcements to the list. To date, that I am
aware of, the only other way we are making announcements is on our website.



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On Behalf Of Barton Wright
Sent: Tuesday, November 10, 2009 1:03 PM
Cc: Roman Kagarlitsky
Subject: RE: [xep-support] Socializing RenderX News Announcements




When you say "the list is not current," I hope you mean that not all of your
customers signed up for it, which means the recipient membership of the
mailing list is not up to date. But adding new ways to deliver product
announcements will not change that fact: customers will still have to sign
up for the new ways, and not everyone will.


I hope "the list is not current" does NOT mean that RenderX has already made
product announcements in ways other than the xep-announce mailing list!


Whatever announcement methods you provide to customers, you pretty much have
to use all of them for every announcement. Using a mailing list and RSS is
ideal for professional announcements, because they go into our received
e-mail storage systems and can be searched and found retroactively.


I might sign up for a Twitter feed, but I hope it is never made the primary
product announcement mechanism for RenderX or anyone. I don't want to have
to remember to go to a vendor's Twitter page to retroactively look through
product announcements -- not when I already have searchable local storage of
e-mail and RSS feeds.


Requiring your customers to sign up for a Facebook account in order to
receive new product announcements would be unwise. Those who already have a
Facebook page might sign up as fans of a RenderX page, and might not.
Facebook pages are generally personal, but RenderX product announcements are
part of our professional life.



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Sent: Tuesday, November 10, 2009 1:51 PM
Cc: 'Roman Kagarlitsky'
Subject: [xep-support] Socializing RenderX News Announcements

Hello All and Any,


RenderX is interested in your feedback. We are considering different
avenues for socializing news and announcements about our product(s). We are
considering RSS, Twitter, and other socializing sites. For example, would
you be more interested in following us on Twitter, or becoming a fan of
RenderX on Facebook?


Traditionally, we have sent announcements through the mailing list
xep-announce. We can continue using this, but to date the list is not


Thanks, and we appreciate your feedback!




Karl Stubsjoen

Senior Sales Engineer / Professional Services

RenderX, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ)


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