[xep-support] Vertical text orientation in tables

From: Tobias Hanning <tobias.hanning@interdoc.se>
Date: Fri Oct 30 2009 - 01:36:31 PST

Hi all,

In my case we use FrameMaker as XMLeditor and CALS tables. In FrameMaker there is an possibility to rotate the text for example in the table head, this is then exported to the attribute "rotate" on the entry-element. Now I will get the same functionality in XEP when transforming the XML document to PDF.

I already know that you can use the reference-orientation attribute on a block-container that wraps the content of the table-cell, but as the standard says "... The inline-progression-dimension of the reference-area is the same as that of the viewport-area, and may not be "auto" if the inline-progression-direction is different from that of the parent of the fo:block-container. ...", so I have to define the correct height on the table-cell otherwise I will get overflow and table-cells from top to bottom (page after page) in XEP.

So my question is if there are anybody that had the same problem and how could this be solved. I need to get the correct size according to the length (with the used font and font-size) to set on the height of the table-cell, as I wrote before I want to get the same functionality that FrameMaker e.g. the height of the table-cell is the same as the length of the written string.

        / Tobias

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