[xep-support] Requests for xep.next

From: Dongsheng Song <dongsheng.song@gmail.com>
Date: Mon Oct 19 2009 - 19:23:19 PDT

1) Disable dtd validation completely or support xml catalogs

When my fo file use many svg figures, xep will download


many times.

2) Improve quality of svg figures

If I use color svg files directly, e.g.


The figures in pdf will have some color display distortion.

3) Use postscript font name in PDF output

When I use Chinese font in Windows XP, e.g.

simsun.ttc, simhei.ttf, simkai.ttf, simfang.ttf

The embed font name of output PDF files display mess chars,
It seems that xep use local font name with wrong encoding.

4) fonts autoregistration
Xep should support fonts autoregistration, scan system font directories
or specified directories.

5) improve mixed font support
When I use mixed font (text of mixed English and Chinese character) in
fo files like this:

font-family="Myriad Pro,SimSun"

The pdf file not display as good as word, xep should improve the
algorithm of height and spacing for text of mixed English and Chinese

Dongsheng Song
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