Re: [xep-support] Calling from servlet not working as expected.

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Date: Thu Jul 30 2009 - 13:22:24 PDT



As I mentioned earlier, my sample servlet with RenderX API does not good
with OC4J app server (with J2SE1.4 and Servlet spec2.3).

However, it works good with apache-tomcat-5.5.27 (with J2SE1.4 and Servlet

Is RenderX support OC4J? Is there any specific Servlet specification we
nee to have for RenderX to run?




Jirka Kosek <>
07/29/2009 05:00 PM

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Re: [xep-support] Calling from servlet not working as expected. wrote:

> Are you sure that servlet has access to xep.xml, fonts and other
> configuration files? They are typically stored in WAR in WEB-INF/classes

> and you have to point formatter in your server to proper resource in
> Based on my above explanations, if you can suggest how should I go ahead

> with keeping xep.xml, fonts and other configuration files in classpath.

What I do in my code is the following:

 FOTransformer fot = null;
        formatter = new FormatterImpl(new
        target = new com.renderx.xep.FOTarget(result, "PDF");
        fot = new FOTransformer(transformer, formatter);
        fot.transform(inputDoc, target);

And I have xep.xml located in WEB-INF/classes/xep inside WAR. In this
directory inside WAR I have also other configuration files like
license.xml, hyphnenation patterns and fonts, all are relatively
referenced from withing xep.xml. This way XEP is completely
self-contained inside WAR and you don't have to separately install XEP
into application server. You just deploy WAR file and that is.

> May be a conference call tomorrow (please let me know, your comfortable
> time. I work in CST.) would help me understand it better and work with.

Well, as you can see in my signature I'm providing consulting services.
If you are interested in such possibility, please contact me off-list.


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