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From: <mdamkier@versant.com>
Date: Thu Jul 02 2009 - 08:19:48 PDT

Hello all,
I am using DocBook 4.5 and 1.32.0 XSL (and 1.51.1) with XEP 4.9. My system
is Windows XP.
I have just started to experiement with cross-document links in PDFs using
<olink>. (Following the instructions in Bob Stayton's DocBook XSL book.)
Everything seems to be working fine. The targets.db files seem to be
correctly created and the links do show up in the PDF.
But I cannot get the Acrobat reader to open the link as a PDF. Rather it
insists on opening the browser. I can control whether the PDF opens in the
browser or the browser asks to open in Acrobat, but that is not right. I
want to open the PDF directly in Acrobat.
When I hover on the link in the PDF, it has the correct path with the
file: protocol tacked on, e.g., file:///C:\Documents\Doc1.pdf#fragmentid.
If I add the file: protocol to the baseuri attribute in the targetset's
<document> tag (as mentioned in Stayton) then the PDF link is
Hopefully, someone has worked this out and can let me know what I am doing
Thank you in advance!

Michael Damkier

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