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From: <daniel.r.boughton@rrd.com>
Date: Thu Jul 02 2009 - 06:40:29 PDT

Does anyone have a link to a good tutorial or white paper on the logic
behind how XEP handles keeps?

I have a document that currently spans three pages. It is a group of 7
table containing a total of 35 rows which are printed sequentially to give
the illusion of one large continuous table. I have no keeps at all in the
document, and the current bias that XEP is exhibiting is to balance the
rows between the three pages. The total height of the table on each of
the three pages is approximately the same. The bias that I am looking for
is to put as many rows as will fit on a page but still try and keep the
individual tables together on a page and never display just a table
heading on a page without at least one row from the table body. I can't
seem to find the right combination of keeps to accomplish this. I seems
as though the more keeps I add, the more the bias turns towards filling
the pages at the end of the document first, even going as far as to add a
fourth page and leave the first page completely blank (the first page has
a smaller region-body than subsequent pages). In other words adding keeps
seems to have the complete opposite effect of what I am looking for.

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