Re: [xep-support] Any interest in discussions such as this

From: Dave Pawson <>
Date: Wed May 27 2009 - 22:21:13 PDT

Hi Kevin.

2009/5/27 Kevin Brown <>:
> Recently, we created a solution for a customer that tackled some limitations
> in XSL FO to produce very specialized headers in a document. It allowed for
> a special case to mimic markers but display them differently depending on
> page occurrence(s).

Feedback from the layout phase to the XSLT stage?
This is a feature of the version next of XSL-FO isn't it?
IMHO that would make a good demonstration of such features,
show that it can be done? A little bit like exslt showed what people
wanted, hence influenced the development of the standard?

> Question for the group at xep-support is, are folks interested in RenderX
> presenting interesting challenges like this along with their solutions as
> information? If so, would you like them here or through some alternate
> means?

I think so. No need for a new list for this?


Dave Pawson
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