[xep-support] Simple question about vertical alignment of text in block-container

From: Steve Anderson <steveo@member.fsf.org>
Date: Fri Feb 27 2009 - 10:12:08 PST

I suspect this is really just a simple FO question, but either the
coffee hasn't kicked in yet this morning, or I'm missing something
really obvious.

I've got a block container

<fo:block-container absolute-position="fixed" z-index="-8" position="absolute"
                             top="60pt" width="100%" left="2.25in"
bottom="140pt" right="0.5in">
  <fo:block font-family="Sans" margin-top="0pc" margin-bottom="1.4pc"
padding-top="1.4pc" text-align="left"
      <fo:inline font-size="85%">
        <fo:inline font-size="115%">S</fo:inline>HORT TITLE

I'd like the last line of the text in the inner fo:inline (SHORT
TITLE) to be displayed at the bottom of the surrounding block, like

| |

This is so, if I have a long title, it will still fit in the box, like soe

| A long title that wraps |
| to the last line |

but for the life of me, I just can't figure out how to make that happen.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm off for more coffee.


steveo at member.fsf.org
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