[xep-support] Making XEP fail when an image cannot be rendered

From: <david@thingbag.net>
Date: Mon Nov 17 2008 - 12:21:55 PST
If you have an image in your fo source that is sized such that it does not fit on the page because it is too wide but not too tall, xep renders the image but it extends off the page to the right. If you have an image that is too tall, xep does not render the image, but just leaves a blank space where the image would go. In neither case is there any message in the xep log file. Is it possible to have xep fail if it cannot render an image? Having it quietly create a bad pdf is dangerous. It's preferrable to me to have it fail if something like that goes wrong so I can fix it.

Another case where failure would be nice is if an svg graphic is invalid, but I could handle this case by validating the svg ahead of time before xep sees it. I have an svg image from Visio that is apparently invalid. Batik can cope with it, but xep gives an error:

      [xep]     [error] Cannot parse image 'file:/C:/build_area/35612/docmodules+6x_1-0-6_release/docmodules/6x/stage/enus/homeview_deployment_guide/motive-pdf/downdir/images/homeview_deployment_guide/homeview_flow_functional.svg'
      [xep]     [error] com.renderx.graphics.ImageFormatException: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The prefix "xlink" for attribute "xlink:href" associated with an element type "use" is not bound.

However, xep continues to process the document, leaving the image blank. It would be better if I could have it fail in this case, as in the others, so I don't have any risk of sending out bad output.

I'm using 4.10.


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