Re: [xep-support] Re: [docbook-apps] LaTeX + formulas & equations + graphics --> Dokbook + MathML + SVG

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Tue Oct 21 2008 - 11:39:23 PDT


> I found <installDirectory>/hyphen/ukhyphen.tex with entries such as

yes, that's about right, but it is for the UK English hyphenation,
while the default is for the American English, and they are different
(essentially). This is a thing I forgot to mention - if you want the
right hyphenation for your English, you should specify the right
English explicitly.

> There is also (bottom of the file)
> \hyphenation{ % Do NOT make any alterations to this list! --- DW
> uni-ver-sity
> uni-ver-sit-ies
> how-ever
> ma-nu-script
> ma-nu-scripts
> re-ci-pro-city
> through-out
> some-thing}
> Are these a 'specific' way to hyphenate some words?
> But we shouldn't change these?

Yes, these are; you should add new words to the list if you want to
override pattern-based hyphenation. Someone DW does not want you to
change the list, but you should not listen to him.

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