Re: [xep-support] Interesting behaviours - maybe bugs, maybe not

From: Robert Goldsmith <>
Date: Fri Oct 10 2008 - 08:30:31 PDT

> Thanks for reporting, Robert,
> but may I ask you to provide sample documents where the two bugs /
> oddities appeared? Fake data, if necessary, and small, if possible.
> From your brief descriptions I cannot conclude that there is no bug
> in what you observe, so, discovering a bug with a sample document
> would be a great help.
> This list has size limits, so please place the files on the internet
> and post links here, or send the files to

Hi :)

I don't have an example of the image corruption on hand and as it may
only happen when you have a document of hundreds of pages or large
jpegs I don't really want to sit down and try and reproduce something
by hand I can send you. However, next time we process a large
datasource I'll do a quick run with the 'broken' xsl-fo and capture
everything you need to reproduce it in a zip file for you :)

The column oddities are easier to demonstrate and I've attached a 1k
zip of an xsl-fo which shows what I mean :) Unpack the zip and render
the xsl-fo and you will (hopefully) see white space where there should
be 'tickets'. The tickets have been bumped onto the next column or the
next page depending on where they are. The flow order is always
maintained. This example file is the output of an xsl template written
to generate 8-up labels of 4 lines per label. To prove the problem is
the blank fo:blocks, just put something (even just a '.' character) in
the empty nodes and things will render correctly.


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