RE: [xep-support] negative letter spacing with right justified text

From: Kevin Brown <>
Date: Wed Jul 09 2008 - 16:01:06 PDT

No, it's not a secret, sorry. David Tolpin was exactly right, the person
had a typo in their style sheet. Negative character spacing with right
justified text works exactly as expected and does not shift characters as
they had reported.


We have two e-mail systems (one is and the other is I had mistaken the source of the original post as
it was sent separately to me directly from the customer. I was sending a
message to our customer support line to close the request and sent it to the
xep-support (public group) by mistake.


Sorry for the confusion.




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Subject: Re: [xep-support] negative letter spacing with right justified text


Is the answer a secret? Is the problematic behavior a bug that has been
listed for correction?

I would like to know how well XEP handles variations in letter-spacing.


Jim Mott


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Subject: RE: [xep-support] negative letter spacing with right justified text


Please close, sales support answered this question.




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Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 12:25 PM
Subject: [xep-support] negative letter spacing with right justified text


I have a problem trying to using negative letter-spacing with right
justified text. It appears as though the starting position of text is
calculated before any letter-spacing is applied. The net result is that
instead of the text bumped up tight to the right, it appears to be padded a
distance from the right, an amount equal to the space removed between the
characters in the word/phrase.

I am using XEP version 4.12.

<fo:block text-align="right">
        <fo:inline letter-spacing="-1pt">TEXT</fo:inline>

Using the example above, the word "TEXT" will appear 3 points left of the
right margin. I assume that this is a bug in XEP and not designed behavior.


Daniel Boughton

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