Re: [xep-support] Hungarian Hyphenation Does Not Work

From: Thomas Schraitle <>
Date: Mon Jun 16 2008 - 11:16:47 PDT

Hi Alexei,

On Montag, 16. Juni 2008, Alexei Gagarinov wrote:
> > The file contains examples of three languages: English, German and
> > Hungarian. English and German works, but not Hungarian. Actually
> > there are no hyphenations, although the respective attributes are
> > correctly set.
> Are you sure that XEP configuration file (xep.xml) contains the
> corresponding language element for Hungarian?
> It should look like:
> ...
> <languages default-language="en-US" xml:base="hyphen/">
> <language name="English (US)" codes="none en-US eng-US">
> <hyphenation pattern="hyphen.tex"/>
> </language>
> ...
> <language name="Hungarian" codes="hu hun">
> <hyphenation pattern="<something_like_huhyph.tex>"/>
> </language>

Thanks Alexei for your answer. Yes, I included the above snippet.
Meanwhile, with the help from my hungarian translators, I've found the
following solution:

1. Normally, everybody would download the file huhyphn.tex[1] from CTAN.
But this file does NOT work. I don't know why, but I suspect some
encoding mismatch or the like.

2. Download the file hyph_hu.dic[2] from the same directory.

3. Modify the file and add the hyphenation pattern inside a
   \patterns{ ... }

3. Save the file as huhyphn.tex in your hyphen directory.

4. Modify the XEP configuration file and insert the following lines
   in the language section:
    <language name="Hungarian" codes="hu hun">
       <hyphenation pattern="huhyph.tex" encoding="ISO-8859-2"/>

At least that improves the hyphenation significantly, according to my
translators. The only thing that scares me a bit is its file size: 120
KBytes in comparision with the original one 92 Kbyte. Maybe this can
somehow reduced to a more resonable size.

I found this solution only by accident and I tried different variations
before with success. Maybe it's easier for other languages but sometimes
it seems this is not a trivial task. It would be very helpful, if RenderX
could provide more hyphenation pattern files for other languages.



Thomas Schraitle
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