[xep-support] DiType-based web services

From: Lilith <lilith@blogpaper.com>
Date: Tue Apr 29 2008 - 08:05:54 PDT


This may be of interest to you:

We've used your new DiType XML to PDF formatter to create several web
applications which generate PDF:
* fo2pdf http://blogpaper.com/fo2pdf - converts FO files into PDF
* html2pdf http://blogpaper.com/html2pdf - converts HTML pages into PDF
* mediawiki2pdf http://blogpaper.com/mediawiki2pdf - creates PDF from
mediawiki (WikiBooks or Wikipedia) content
* blogpaper http://blogpaper.com/blogpaper - converts Bloglines and
Google Reader feeds to PDF

Those services are still under development and may be buggy, but they
work good enough for using them. It's possible to choose a paper size of
PDF: A4/Letter or e-book (suitable for reading on Sony Reader or any
other portable devices). There are also light versions of BlogPaper and
MediaWiki2PDF available for using the services from mobile devices, such
as PDAs, smartphones, etc.

More information on services may be found on http://blogpaper.com . Any
feedback and reviews are much appreciated.

Blogpaper.com developers

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