RE: [xep-support] Failed to create image of type null

From: Wagner, Paul, VF-Group <>
Date: Mon Mar 31 2008 - 08:32:36 PST

I'm sorry to bother you unnecessary with this issue.
Now I studied 696 page long PDF reference documentation and found the bug by myself. ;)
This is problem with "B0 C0 D0 E0" ( %) string at the beginning of the file and the cross-reference section.
I'll contact the SAS hotline and ask them to fix the bug.

Thank you! :)

Paul Wagner

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To: Michael Sulyaev;
Subject: [xep-support] Failed to create image of type null

Hello Michael,
I simplified the chart, this is now just a red circle and I have still the same problem like before.

"[error] Failed to create image file:/Chart.pdf of type null"

I have no idea what's wrong with this pdf file. :(

It would be great advantage for renderX community to solve this problem, because SAS is a very powerful reporting tool but with a little possibility to generate well formed pdf files.

Could you please check the Chart.pdf file and maybe find the solution for this problem.

For sure it is possible to open the file with acrobat and save this again, but it would be a bit difficult for me to do so for 200 charts for each report, which we are going to produce automatically with SAS.

Thank you!

Paul Wagner

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Sent: 05 March 2008 09:46
To: Wagner, Paul, VF-Group
Subject: Re: BOUNCE Message too long (>40000

> Hello XEP support team,
> I'm just wondering what's wrong with this pdf chart produced by SAS?
> I try to include this chart into pdf report (<fo:external-graphic
> content-height=3D"120pt" src=3D"url({$GRAPH_DIR}Chart.pdf)"/>) and got

> = the error message:
> =20
> [error] Failed to create image
> file:/SAS/config/Lev1/SASREP/tmp/Chart.pdf of type null [error]
> !Wrong xref offset
> 60913
> =20
> We're using XEP version 4.7.
> =20
> Any idea?
> =20
> I would very appreciate your help.
> =20
> Kind Regards
> Paul Wagner

Hello Paul,

Your message to did not reach the list subscribers because of the size of the attachment. Did you mean to send it to our dedicated support line (

I have inspected Chart.pdf, and got the same error with the most recent version of XEP. The file Chart.pdf contains end-of-lines as the sequences 0D0D0A, which is CR-CR-LF, and may possibly be the reason of the failure, and may also be possibly wrong. However, Acrobat Reader 8.0 somehow handles this situation.

To fix it, try re-saving the file in Acrobat.

Best regards,
Michael Sulyaev
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