Re: [xep-support] Emergency - how to get rid of trial version watermark

From: Michael Sulyaev <>
Date: Sat Jan 19 2008 - 00:13:33 PST

Reynolds-Gregg wrote:
> Thanks. It turns out I had my licenses mixed up. I downloaded from
> your Update page, which says to enter the license received when
> purchasing the software. I entered what I thought was my good license,
> expecting that it would not work with my trial. So when the download
> succeeded but I still had the watermark I got a bit excited. ;)

Hello Gregg,
The 'Updates' page
accepts any license key issued by RenderX, no matter which product or
which type of license you have in your license key, and the license key
is always "license.xml", but you may rename it as you wish (but not edit).

Trial license key for XEP says (in it's file):
    <product name="XEP">
       <limit name="trial">1</limit>
       <feature name="stamp"/>
, while Desktop or Server licenses say:
   <product name="XEP">
     <limit name="server">1</limit> <!-- or -->
     <limit name="client">1</limit>
, so you may always find out what a file is for by reading it.

Moreover, if you post a trial license into the 'Updates' page, you would
download a distribution file named
If you post a 'full' license, the filename would be
I don't think there is any ambiguity in this procedure.

> So you might want to adjust the language on the Update page or somehow
> indicate how to check one's license. Or maybe add "trial" to the trial
> license xml.

The license key is a UTF-8 XML file, just take a look on it's content!
The other 'Updates' page (
does not look ambiguous to me either, and when you post your license
there, you are redirected to the same page with links for downloads as I
described above.

> Sorry about the panic.
It's OK, just don't use PDF hacking as the default solution.

Sorry for long post. I think it may help others who meet troubles
getting rid of the stamp.

Best regards,
Michael Sulyaev
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