[xep-support] Fairly urgent question about font encoding of Base 14 fonts

From: Jim Melton <jim.melton@acm.org>
Date: Thu Oct 04 2007 - 13:04:51 PDT

A couple of years ago, I rendered a .fo file using XEP 3.6.3 and File
-> Document Properties -> Fonts shows that every font (taken from the
Base 14 Type 1 fonts (Courier, Courier-Oblique, Helvetica,
Helvetica-Bold, Helvetica-Oblique, Times-Bold, Times-BoldItalic,
Times-Italic, and Times-Roman are the fonts used in this document) is
encoded either Encoding: Ansi or Encoding: Standard. (Interestingly,
both Times-Roman and Helvetica show up twice in the font list, one of
each with Encoding-Ansi and one of each with Encoding: Standard!)

Using XEP 3.8, some fonts have Encoding: Custom and others have
Encoding: Standard (several have two entries, one of each), but none
of them have Encoding: Ansi.

But when I render a nearly-identical (editorial textual changes only)
.fo file using XEP 4.10 build 20070516, I get the same list of fonts
(except that no fonts show up twice), but they all have Encoding:
Custom. The same thing occurred with XEP 4.5.

The client for the documents that I create (ISO) is rejecting my
documents because of Encoding: Custom. They say that they want
Encoding: Ansi, but I'm pretty certain that they will also accept
Encoding: Standard.

Is it possible that I did something between XEP 3.8 and XEP 4.5 that
would cause this change? Or is this an artifact of XEP 4.*?

What should I do to get Encoding: Ansi (or at least Encoding:
Standard) for those Base 14 fonts (NOT embedded!!) that I use in my documents?


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