Re: [xep-support] lr-tb

From: Dave Pawson <>
Date: Wed Oct 03 2007 - 04:04:02 PDT

On 03/10/2007, G. Ken Holman <> wrote:

> >The alignment I can understand. The movement of the period I can't.
> >
> >Can anyone explain it please?
> The letters have a "direction and strength" in Unicode and this is
> respected by XSL-FO.
> The comma and spaces affected by the strength of the adjacent
> characters, the period is not.

Thanks, I hadn't realised it was a 'battle' - with the character level
bonding winning!

> If you wanted to reverse the letter sequence, you want to use
> bidi-override

Yes, seems to work nicely.

> I think you have a copy of my PDF book, Dave ... check out the detail
> I've put in pages 305-315.

No, I had xslt one? Not the FO one.

Thanks Ken.


Dave Pawson
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