RE: [xep-support] RE: trouble with keep with next

From: Victor Mote <>
Date: Thu Aug 23 2007 - 10:22:13 PDT

Hi All:

Ken Holman wrote:

> >The documentation says that keep-with-next.within-page="always"
> >isn't supported.
> Yes, I read that as well ... perhaps your problem is insoluble given
> this restriction (which seems very explicit in the documentation).

Actually, the doc says (4.10 User Guide, p. 91) ".within-page component is
unsupported; it is mapped to .within-column." In my case, I have only one
column, with the following (abbreviated) FO:

<fo:block keep-with-next="always" keep-together="always" ... </fo:block>
<fo:block keep-with-previous="always" keep-with-next="always"
keep-together="always" ... </fo:block>
<fo:block keep-with-previous="always" keep-together="always" ... </fo:block>

XEP places a page-break between the second and third blocks. I have always
interpreted "keep-with-next.within-column" to be a superset of
"keep-with-next.within-page". In other words, it does not seem possible to
satisfy "within-column" without also satisfying "within-page". So is my
understanding of this wrong, or does the documentation really mean to say
"we don't break pages for keep-with-next, we only break columns"?

If what I have described is not the expected behavior for XEP, I'll be happy
to provide a concise document that shows the problem. I just want to be sure
of what I should expect before going to that trouble.

My apologies if this should be a separate thread. It seemed related ...

Victor Mote

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