Re: [xep-support] floats

From: Dave Pawson <>
Date: Sun Jul 08 2007 - 06:41:44 PDT

Hi Ken.

On 08/07/07, G. Ken Holman <> wrote:

> >In the example, the side float *should* AFAIK, take space from the
> >second list item.
> I disagree.

> >Anyone explain why please?
> Because when your second list item is completely formatted, where are
> you in the block progression direction? You are immediately after
> the second list item.

Except that I'm left with an unformatted float?

 The float is an out-of-line construct and
> jumps out of the flow, so the block progression direction doesn't
> move ... you are still at that point immediately *after* the second
> item. Now you format a third item and it continues from the point in
> the block progression direction, which is to the left of the float.

"jumps out of the flow" :-)
Not spec-ese Ken? But neither is my 'steals space from' !

Why should it finish the second list item *before* looking
at formatting the float?

> If you swap the float with the block in item two, then the float is
> encountered at the start of the second list item,

Thanks. Good clarification.

Now I'm looking at the spec to see where this logic is defined!

Is the 'plain English' version that the float steals space from
the next fo in the block-progression-direction ?


Dave Pawson
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