[xep-support] Incorrect Description of DTD in reference.html Documentation

From: Thomas Schraitle <tom_schr@web.de>
Date: Sat May 05 2007 - 07:46:12 PDT


each archive of XEP contains a "doc" directory with several well written
documentation. The section in "doc/reference.html#appendix_B" named "B.
Configuration File DTD fragment" lists a DTD for the configuration file
(xep.xml). However, the DTD looks incorrect for me and doesn't validate
the current XEP configuration file:

1. The last paragraph in the above section contains an element declaration
of hyphenation:

<!ELEMENT hyphenation
          pattern CDATA #REQUIRED
          encoding CDATA #IMPLIED
          xml:base CDATA #IMPLIED>

However, ELEMENT should be ATTLIST. The element declaration itself is

2. Validating the original "xep.xml" file with the described DTD leads to
many validation errors. The name a few (taken from the oXygen output):
  - Attribute "xmlns" must be declared for element type "config".
    (apart from the omitted namespace nodes)
  - The content of element type "generator-options" is incomplete,
    it must match "(option)+".
  - Attribute "default-language" must be declared for element
    type "languages".
  - Element type "hyphenation" must be declared.

Maybe I miss something, but the description of the DTD seems outdated. Is
this correct? I think it would be really helpful to have the DTD as
an "editing aid" in a XML editor to avoid errors.


Thomas Schraitle
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