Re: [xep-support] FFIL and LWFN suitcases and xep.xml configuration file

From: Chris Ridd <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 2006 - 23:16:45 PST

On 22/12/06 1:45, Alix Seifert <> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm on a Macintosh, running Tiger. Is it possible to map the
> postscript fonts inside an FFIL or LWFN suitcase? Or is it required
> that I use .afm and .pfb? I have an OS 9 machine and can see the
> individual faces inside the suitcase, unfortunately in OS X they're
> hidden.

The XEP reference manual says that AFM and PFA/PFB files are needed for Type
1 fonts, so you *will* need to convert them. I think the "t1utils"
command-line utilities will do the job but I don't have any such fonts on
which to test. There's a pre-compiled version of those tools at

> As a test, I mapped a TrueType version of one of the fonts in the
> xep.xml file. The resulting PDF had the TT fonts embedded. In the
> future I will be creating PDFs for press and will need to embed the
> postscript versions.

Just curious - if you end up with a PDF file, is there any reason to embed
one format instead of another?

> I'm not sure what to specify in the <font-data> tag. Any direction is
> greatly appreciated.

Ultimately, fragments of XML like this:

<font embed="true" subset="true">
    <font-data afm="foobar.afm" pfb="foobar.pfb"/>

See doc/reference.html in the XEP distribution for details.



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