RE: [xep-support] Character set problems Linux/Windows

From: Hood, Earl <>
Date: Wed Dec 13 2006 - 11:13:51 PST

> The characters displayed while running on Linux are actually UTF-8
> rather than windows-1252. So it seams that XEP ignores the encoding
> directive and assume the encoding is whatever is the default for that
> OS. Any way to fix this ?

It does not surprise me that a Linux system does not
recognize a Windows-specific character set.

I do not know the internals of XEP character encoding, but
the default Java implementation for Linux probably does not
support windows-1252, so if XEP does not have its own character
encoding support, XEP will not be able to handle it.

At a minimum, XEP should report a warning if a character
encoding is not recognized.

Possible work-arounds:

(1) Create your FO in UTF-8. If you know you will be processing
an XML document on multiple platforms, it is best to use a
non-OS-specific character encoding in your documents.

(2) Preprocess the document to convert windows-1252 to utf-8.
There are several tools available that support character
encoding translation. You can look at 'iconv', which should
be included in your linux distribution. There is also
Perl's Encode module.


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